Mold News: Living With Mold

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| 2011 Jan 25 |
Mold News: Living With Mold

Living Room Mold Problems
Don’t let this happen to your home. Address moisture and mold problems immediately to prevent toxic mold growth.

In today’s mold news, experts say that although some people experience no reactions while living in a home contaminated by mold, others have reactions that can be severe and even life-threatening. This is especially true for people who are sensitive and may already have asthma, allergies, respiratory conditions or a weakened immune system.

According to health experts, the first sign that you are experiencing a reaction to mold in your house is an allergy-like symptom (e.g. sneezing, a rash, or itchy, watery eyes) that tends to disappear when you leave the house. Another, more obvious, sign of mold is the presence of a musty or earthy smell in your house.

Inspecting and removing mold

Mold is often found in places like the insides of ceilings and walls where there is moisture from a plumbing or roof leak.

To get a quick yes-or-no answer to your mold worries, you can purchase a home mold testing kit for around $50. While these do-it-yourself kits may be useful, they do not determine the source of the mold. That’s where you need the help of a professional to conduct a complete mold inspection, which includes a visual inspection, an infrared scan and indoor air quality testing.

When it comes to removing the mold, once again, professional help is highly advised because the job requires setting up proper containment, using heavy-duty mold removal equipment and disposing of contaminated materials safely. The old wives’ tale of washing down the area with bleach, frankly, just doesn’t work.