Prevent Mold in Ottawa

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| 2011 Feb 28 |
Prevent Mold in Ottawa

If you live in Ottawa, you’ve surely witnessed the amount of rainfall and precipitation that the city can get over the course of a year.

Unfortunately, many Ottawa homes and buildings are aging, providing great opportunities for moisture intrusion, flooding and mold growth.

That said, there is plenty you can do to help prevent mold from taking root in your property.

You can prevent mold by stopping water from entering your home through walls and windows.


Mold prevention tips and tricks

The following list describes some simple steps that all homeowners can take to prevent and control mold growth.

  • Fix leaks: Check for leaky roofs, faucets and pipes on a regular basis to make sure they aren’t allowing extra moisture to accumulate indoors. Leaks should be fixed as soon as they are found.
  • Check for bubbling: Check paint and wallpaper for bubbling, which is a common sign of mold growth on the walls underneath. Moisture trapped behind wallpaper or condensation on walls is the perfect ingredient for a serious mold problem.
  • Use dehumidifiers and exhaust fans: Use dehumidifiers to reduce the amount of moisture in the air. Turn on exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens when cooking, washing or showering.
  • Keep your home and your belongings dry: The best way to prevent the formation of mold is to clean and dry any damp furnishings and objects within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Check for odours: If you’ve had a leak, a flood or any type of water damage, then the first sign of mold may be a musty odour. If you suspect that mold is the cause of your household odours, contact a certified mold inspector as soon as possible.
  • Think before you carpet: You can avoid mold problems by not installing carpeting in high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Watch for ground water: Checking the exterior of your homes regularly will help reduce accumulation of ground water, which can lead to mold. Route water away from your home using downspouts and/or by creating a downward slope pointing away from your home.

For more easy and practical mold prevention advice, contact the mold experts at Mold Busters or browse our website.