Mold or Mould?

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| 2014 Apr 09 |
Mold or Mould?

If you’ve ever researched mold, you’ve probably noticed two different ways to spell it: “mold” and “mould”. Perhaps you’re confused by this discrepancy and wonder which way is the correct way.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you discuss mold, be it verbally or in writing. After all, the key to prevention is awareness and we encourage you to spread the word on mold.

So, rather than you wasting time and brain-power wondering about its proper spelling, we’ll clear up the confusion for you right now.

Mold or Mould - Mold Busters
There is more than one way to spell mold. Mold Busters explains how to choose between “mold” or “mould”, so you can confidently discuss the topic from now on.

American versus British English

Both ways to spell it are correct. The spelling you use essentially depends on where you live. If you live in England, the proper spelling is “mould”. If you reside in the United States, omitting the “u” and using “mold” is more common.

Consider other cases in which there are two ways to spell the same term: colour and color; honour and honor; meter and metre; and the list goes on. Again, these variations can be attributed to the fact U.S. and British English differs.

That said, it’s not as clear which spelling is most appropriate here in Canada. Because Canadian English is influenced by both the U.S. and England, it’s actually perfectly acceptable to use both “mold” and “mould”.

You’ll notice in the media and other reports that some Canadian institutions or companies will spell it one way and others will spell it the other. For instance, Health Canada uses “mould” whereas we use “mold”.

Choosing either “mold” or “mould” may also depend on your preference or someone else’s. Double check with your employer (or anyone you’re writing for) for his or her preference or existing policy when it comes to spelling.

Mold Busters: why we use “mold”

We’ve gone back and forth, spelling it both ways, in the past. However, within the last year or so we’ve kept it consistent, using only “mold”. Why is that?

Well, geographically, our head office is closer to the U.S., and we have several American clients. Therefore, using “mold” makes the most sense for us.

Ultimately, both forms of spelling are fine in Canada—just be consistent within your document. Using either “mold” or “mould” rather than both will help keep your document reader-friendly and improve its overall appearance.

Learn more about this topic by checking out our video below. And remember, spelling is a small concern compared to the real, adverse effects of mold, so please take advantage of all our educational resources today.