Mold and Your Health: Does Mold Cause Tuberculosis?

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| 2011 Mar 04 |
Mold and Your Health: Does Mold Cause Tuberculosis?

Despite recent progress and medical advances, tuberculosis (TB) is not a disease of the past. In Canada, about 1,600 new cases of tuberculosis are reported each year.

On March 24, the Ontario Lung Association stated that tuberculosis remains a serious public health concern in Ontario, with one-third of all cases in 2009 occurring primarily in the Greater Toronto Area.

Mold exposure and tuberculosis

Some mold spores can produce mycotoxins that threaten your health and make you vulnerable to diseases like tuberculosis.


With that said, Mold Busters often gets asked whether mold can cause tuberculosis, given that it has such a profound effect on the respiratory system.

The answer? No… at least not directly. Although mold itself cannot cause tuberculosis, it does weaken people’s immune systems, making them more vulnerable to infection.

People who spend a substantial amount of time in areas of poor air quality are at greater risk of mold exposure and are, therefore, more susceptible to allergic, bacterial and viral infections due to weakened immunity.

Statistics show that people in isolated or minority communities (i.e. the homeless, aboriginal people and immigrants) face higher rates of infection, likely due to poor living conditions that give rise to continual exposure to mold and poor air quality.

Mold and health

Ensuring that your home stays free and clear of mold is one of the best ways to prevent diseases and infections such as tuberculosis.

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