How to Prevent Ceiling Mold Growth

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| 2013 Mar 28 |
How to Prevent Ceiling Mold Growth

Besides causing costly structural damage to your property, mold threatens the residents of a home that’s contaminated.

The one of the biggest concerns for Canadians (especially those who live in cities like Montreal and Ottawa) is mold growth on the ceilings and walls. The majority of Canadians spend most of their time indoors, so living or working in a building that’s potentially contaminated with mold should be nothing short of alarming.

As you may already know, preventing a problem is better than having to solve one, and mold is no exception. It’s imperative that you take the right steps to prevent mold from growing inside your home or office.

The following are a few easy but effective steps that the average person can take to prevent mold:

1. Control humidity and moisture levels inside the house. It’s important to keep in mind that moist and damp conditions are the best breeding grounds for mold and mold spores, so you must get rid of excess moisture and dampness in your house and thoroughly dry flooded areas immediately.

2. Regularly check the drainage and water supply system to avoid any type of leakage that could lead to mold growth and, eventually, negative health effects. Don’t forget, mold loves any form of moisture – from humidity to a wet surface.

3. Stay in touch with mold inspection and testing companies and have professionals regularly monitor the air quality of both the indoor and outdoor environment around your house. With the help of state-of-the-art procedures and advanced tools, these mold industry professionals can help you maintain healthy and safe air quality levels and living conditions in your home or office.

4. In the case that the mold professionals do find an issue, they’ll be able to come up with an effective remediation strategy, depending on the severity of the mold contamination.

Assessing any mold-related issues and damage in a timely manner is necessary, in order to ensure that you’re living in a healthy home. So check your ceilings for any black spots, discoloration or other signs of mold growth.

In the case that you find some, immediately contact professionals to proceed with the mold inspection and remediation process.


ceiling mold growth in Ottawa
The ceiling is a common place for mold to grow. In many cases, a leak has caused moisture buildup, which then causes mold.