Ottawa & Gatineau Flooding: Water Damage Restoration vs. Mold Remediation

In light of Ottawa & Gatineau flooding, the local mold removal experts at Mold Busters thought it would be helpful […]

Posted on 11 May'17 by Charlie


Hiring: Remediators and Labourers in Ottawa and Montreal

Great news: We’re expanding our team at Mold Busters! We’re looking for project supervisors, remediators and general labourers in Ottawa […]

Posted on 29 Apr'15 by John Ward


Frozen Pipes in Ottawa: Prevention and Damage Control

During winter, especially those ice-cold Ottawa winters, many homeowners and tenants face the same problem: frozen water pipes. The good […]

Posted on 27 Feb'15 by John Ward


Serbia Floods: The Damage, How We Can Help

Last week, water from the Sava River washed out homes, schools, roads and arable land across the Balkans. Flood waters […]

Posted on 30 May'14 by John Ward


How To Clean Up Water Damage – A DIY Guide

Water damage can be a huge nightmare for every homeowner whether it’s a small spill, a burst pipe, or a […]

Posted on 12 Aug'13 by John Ward


Keep Your Brick Homes Dry and Mold Free

It’s common for owners of brick homes to complain about water intrusion, and when there’s water intrusion within the home, […]

Posted on 18 Apr'13 by John Ward


The Right Way to Handle a Flooded Basement

Handling a flooded basement on your own can be a difficult, frustrating, time-consuming and costly task. Regardless, if and when […]

Posted on 05 Apr'13 by John Ward


Mold Prevention after Flooding

We know mold may be more likely to develop after an indoor flood; it thrives in wet and moisture-rich areas […]

Posted on 01 Apr'13 by John Ward


Prevent Mold and Water Damage in Your Garage in 7 Simple Steps

Garages, both attached and detached, are usually overlooked when it comes to home maintenance. Homeowners and occupants start taking necessary […]

Posted on 16 Jan'13 by John Ward


Repair Flood Damage to Prevent Mold

When it comes to mold, there is one important thing to understand – mold needs three things to develop: Moisture […]

Posted on 26 May'11 by John Ward