Controlling IAQ

How to maintain healthy indoor air quality

Your indoor air quality (IAQ) can be compromised by various biological and chemical pollutants. Frequent or prolonged exposure to these indoor air pollutants may result in serious health problems.

For this reason, controlling IAQ is crucial. Much like preventing mold, maintaining good air quality relies on four critical factors:

  1. Moisture control
  2. Proper ventilation
  3. Air exchange
  4. Cleanliness

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How to Improve IAQ
How to Improve IAQ

Moisture control

Eliminating and repairing sources of moisture indoors is important because moisture leads to mold.

Everyday activities such as cooking, showering, washing and drying increase moisture levels in the home. If a home does not have an effective ventilation system in place, mold is more likely to grow and pollute your IAQ.

Fortunately, there are upgrades you can make to your home that will allow you to control moisture and, as a result, keep your indoor air clean:

    • Use exhaust fans in kitchens, bathrooms and other damp areas: These fans work to remove excess moisture brought on by cooking, showering, doing laundry and other daily activities.


    • Install a properly functioning HVAC system: Such a system will ensure adequate ventilation and air exchange.


    • Upgrade to energy-efficient windows: These windows will prevent air leakage, moisture intrusion and condensation.


  • Use dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air and help keep relative humidity at normal levels (30%-50%), especially in basements

Proper ventilation

Proper ventilation is key for controlling IAQ. There are four main types of ventilation systems:

  • Passive ventilation: Opening windows (in winter, for example), although this is not very economical.
  • Exhaust-only ventilation: Installing exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Balanced ventilation: Exhaust fans combined with fresh air intake to the furnace-circulating air system.
  • Heat-recovery ventilation: Combustion appliances with matched intakes and exhausts running smoothly.

Air exchange

Air exchange refers to the exchange of air between an indoor and outdoor environment. Without adequate air exchange, humidity builds up, leading to mold growth and poor IAQ.

According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), all moist, stale air should be replaced with fresh air every three to four hours.


Maintaining cleanliness includes regular vacuuming, washing, wiping, dusting and avoiding clutter. By frequently cleaning your home, you prevent moisture, pollutants, dust and other substances from building up. In other words, you control what’s in your air.

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