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Mold Removal in Waverley

Mold growth relates to various types of funghi, and it’s often an unpleasant side effect of flood damage, water leak, or some structural problem. It’s not only that it looks bad and damages your furnishings, it can weaken the structure of your property, and can cause many health problems. If you are unfortunate enough to experience flood damage, call Mold Busters to face the stress out of the process, they will carry out the mold remediation process and have your place back to normal in no time!

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Take a walk down Main Street in Waverley to see the homes and families who have lived there since the 1900s, on the outskirts of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Popular landmarks include the Waverley Heritage Museum, which is housed in the former St. John's Anglican church. Today this suburban community has about 2,500 residents and is full of homes, apartments, and condos close to amenities that families love.

The home I bought in Waverley was freshly painted when I moved in. Some of the paint has been peeling away, and my house smells musty. Could the old owners have painted over mold, or should I be worried about something else?

We've seen it so many times - people seem to think you can paint over mold to get rid of it. That may be the exact problems you have.

The issue is, painting over mold does nothing to solve the problem. Existing mold can survive under paint, and you never addressed the moisture that caused the mold in the first place which can cause paint to peel.

To be safe, book an appointment with mold experts like Mold Busters. If you're in Waverley, call today.

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  • The whole team that came into my home was courteous and quick. They began work the day after I called them and were done a day later. Stephen B.
  • You completely removed the mold from my kitchen, and I had tried to scrub it clean a million times. Thanks for keeping me safe Mold Busters Jeremy B. (Waverley, Nova Scotia)