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Mold Removal in Timberlea

The science is in and we're learning more than ever that poor indoor air quality negatively affects one's health, mood and ability to learn--especially in the crucial period of youth. Some people take it upon themselves to improve their indoor air quality situation. Mold Busters is here to help. We're committed to improving air quality in Timberlea homes and offices  - to keep your property free of hazardous indoor air pollutants for you and yours.Mold Busters technicians are the best in the industry. Fully trained to uncover and remove mold and VOCs safely and effectively from your home, they also offer professional assessments to help guide you to the safest solution for your property.

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What are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)?
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Just outside Halifax, Timberlea brings together the best of all world. A little city life and lots of nature, Timberlea is full of running and bike paths for families and the city is just a short commute away. Many residents settle into homes, apartments, or condos in Timberlea because of this happy split between suburban amenities and rural living. Historically Timberlea was on a main road through to Halifax and the friendly residents welcomed many travelers.

How much can I expect to pay for mold remediation and removal?

So it may seem like a co-out, but our answer never changes: Every mold problem is different, and it's impossible to give a quote without assessing the property first. Anyone who says otherwise simply isn't being professional.

The one thing Mold Busters knows is this: Not all mold damage is visible and until you reach the underlying cause of the mold, you haven't really fixed the problem. That's what your mold removal experts should aim to do - solve the root of the problem.

Worried about mold, asbestos or another air quality issue?
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