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Mold Removal in Spryfield

Concerned about the air quality in your office? Your health issues could be being aggravated by poor indoor air quality issues like mold, and there's no way to fix it until you get mold testing. A simple indoor air quality test, as well as samples from anything visible suspected to be mold can quickly set you on the right path. Contact Mold Busters for same-day air quality tests and mold inspections in Spryfield.Mold Busters technicians come with the best training available and are fully equipped to detect and remove mold, asbestos, VOCs and other IAQ pollutants and offer you a quote for removing any issues that arise. This includes residential and commercial properties. For fast and reliable environmental services in Spryfield, call Mold Busters.

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A community outside of Halifax, Spryfield is a large region to the south of Halifax. Families can enjoy life near the big city with recreation centres, parks, and schools all near their Spryfield homes. Historically this has been a farming community that grew into a town and was annexed into Halifax in 1968 and has continued to grow into a bustling community central to life in Halifax.

My roof was damaged and rain got in, but I have a really hard time accessing my attic. I'm worried mold may be up there. What can I do?

You're in luck, because we're in the 21st century and we have the tools to find mold in even the most hidden places.

Attics are the perfect place for Mold Busters to deploy infrared cameras to detect mold. Basically, infrared cameras measure thermal energy (heat) given off by objects. Mold is a living thing, and as a result it's warmer than wood, concrete, or metal that's in your roof. Infrared cameras also make it really easy to assess for any water damage.

What more could you ask for? Quick, cheap, and it doesn't involve cutting into your ceiling. For infrared mold testing and inspection, make sure you call Mold Busters.

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  • I love the three year warranty I got with my mold remediation work. It really makes a difference. Lloyd (Spryfield, Nova Scotia)
  • Air quality testing was so easy, and gave us piece of mind that our home was safe for our 2nd child. Brenda S.