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Mold Removal in Fall River

Find out today what it's like to live without pesky allergies and rashes. Call certified professionals at Mold Busters for fast, friendly and reliable mold testing and inspection services that you can trust. We've seen it all, and we know how to do it right - the first time.

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Fall River

Just North of the Bedford Basin, Fall River is a suburb of Halifax. The name comes from hydro-electric power which is produced below the town. The falls have been dammed but the town name still remains. You can find all the common amenities of urban life in this prosperous suburb. Separated into four subdivisions the region recently built a new recreation centre and fire station, the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre/Fire Station 45 which have expanded to include a skate park, gym, and more.

So I'm buying an older home, and I want to get it tested before I purchase. Can I make this part of my conditions in my offer?

Yes. Inspections of all types are wise choices before buying a home, and mold tests help reassure you you're making the right decisions. One of the tricks to mold inspections is that any issues are often simply the tip of the iceberg. If you have mold in the property you're looking to buy, it may be caused by leaks or structural problems you can't see.

With tools like thermal cameras and mold tests from certified labs, Mold Busters can help you take the guess work out of buying a home. Call today.

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  • 10/10 - Me and my partner are in the construction business and when we find good contractors, we love to refer them to friends. Mold Busters were great! Darryl D.
  • Thanks for putting my mind at ease. The testing was really superb and getting the lab results really makes me feel safe in my home. I was so worried for my kid. Sylvie Boudreau