Ottawa & Gatineau Flooding: Water Damage Restoration vs. Mold Remediation

In light of Ottawa & Gatineau flooding, the local mold removal experts at Mold Busters thought it would be helpful […]

Posted on 11 May'17 by Charlie


Home Owners Beware Of What You Get With Free Mold Inspections

I want to share my experiences with companies in the mold inspection, mold abatement, and asbestos abatement industries.  I’ve found […]

Posted on 24 Apr'17 by Charlie


Frozen Pipes in Ottawa: Prevention and Damage Control

During winter, especially those ice-cold Ottawa winters, many homeowners and tenants face the same problem: frozen water pipes. The good […]

Posted on 27 Feb'15 by John Ward


How To Clean Up Water Damage – A DIY Guide

Water damage can be a huge nightmare for every homeowner whether it’s a small spill, a burst pipe, or a […]

Posted on 12 Aug'13 by John Ward


How to Fix Water Damage in Commercial Properties

Are you an Ottawa-area business owner looking for information on how to fix water damage in your commercial property? If […]

Posted on 21 Mar'11 by John Ward