Be Awair of Your Indoor Environment – Monitor VOCs, Dust, CO2 and more

Being a Mold Busters technician is awesome. Every day, we get to meet new, wonderful people and do our very […]

Posted on 02 Aug'16 by John Ward


Ventilation: The Key to a Healthy Home

Today, we’re staying on the subject of indoor air quality (IAQ) and continuing our discussion of how to stay healthy […]

Posted on 07 Oct'15 by Anja


Post-Construction Cleaning: A Job You Can’t Ignore

It’s that time of year again! The spring is a great time to tackle the home improvement projects on your […]

Posted on 15 May'15 by John Ward


How Your Indoor Environment Affects Your Productivity

We’ve already discussed the effects of indoor environmental conditions like poor air quality on health many times. However, we haven’t […]

Posted on 27 Mar'15 by Anja


Trends in Environmental Testing: Mold, Asbestos, Lead & More

If you’ve ever visited our website or read our blog, you likely already know how important good indoor air quality […]

Posted on 12 Mar'15 by Anja


Mold Testing vs. Air Quality Testing—What’s the Difference?

Today we’re going to clarify a common question about mold tests: What is the difference between a mold test and […]

Posted on 28 Nov'14 by Anja


Is My Home a Former Grow Op?

There’s every possibility that the house that you live in or are about to purchase is a former grow op […]

Posted on 21 Jan'13 by John Ward


The Truth About Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is, without a doubt, an extremely hazardous material that has been proven to cause serious illness, lung damage and […]

Posted on 28 Apr'11 by John Ward


Mold in Office Buildings: Sick Building Syndrome

The average Canadian worker spends approximately 40 hours a week in his or her office, which is a significant amount […]

Posted on 26 Apr'11 by John Ward


The Difference Between Mold and Mildew

You’ll often hear mold and mildew discussed together. Do you ever wonder why this is the case? The simple answer […]

Posted on 22 Apr'11 by John Ward