Ottawa & Gatineau Flooding: Water Damage Restoration vs. Mold Remediation

In light of Ottawa & Gatineau flooding, the local mold removal experts at Mold Busters thought it would be helpful […]

Posted on 11 May'17 by Charlie


Home Owners Beware Of What You Get With Free Mold Inspections

I want to share my experiences with companies in the mold inspection, mold abatement, and asbestos abatement industries.  I’ve found […]

Posted on 24 Apr'17 by Charlie


Signs Your Home Needs a Dehumidifier

Due to health reasons, proper humidity levels must be maintained in your home to prevent mold growth. Too much moisture […]

Posted on 08 Apr'16 by Anja


The Right Way to Handle a Flooded Basement

Handling a flooded basement on your own can be a difficult, frustrating, time-consuming and costly task. Regardless, if and when […]

Posted on 05 Apr'13 by John Ward


Mold Allergies: How to Prevent Exposure to Mold Spores

Regardless of how clean your home is, there’s likely mold growing somewhere inside of it. Mold can grow in your […]

Posted on 06 Feb'12 by John Ward


Effects of Mold Exposure: Is Mold Dangerous?

Is mold really as dangerous as people say it is? Is my health really at risk if I’m exposed to […]

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Mold Prevention Tips For Your Home

It’s important to control moisture and fix leaks in your bathroom as soon as possible because mold will start to […]

Posted on 26 Jan'11 by John Ward