A Letter From Our CEO

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| 2018 Apr 27 |
A Letter From Our CEO

Effective May 1, 2018 we will no longer be operating in, and serving the great people of Nova Scotia. It has been a privilege to do so, and we truly appreciate the opportunity we had to serve our East Coast clients.

We will be reallocating all our Nova Scotian resources back to Ontario, as we forge ahead with growth within our home province. For years our company has been focusing on expansion outside of Ontario out of necessity. To be frank, we felt we had no choice under the current provincial government, which seems to be more interested in harming small businesses than helping them.

Well, we have hope for Ontario, once again.
We believe that change is finally coming to Ontario after the June 7 election, and in that belief, we have shifted our focus to the province we call home. Thanks to the hope that Doug Ford, and his PC leadership provides, small businesses like ours will come back to Ontario, and flourish as we once have.
We look forward to serving you all very soon.


Michael Golubev
CEO, Co-Founder
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