What to Look for in a Landlord

So often we hear how landlords should carefully screen and select their tenants, but we hear little about the need […]

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Are Mold Testing Kits Accurate and Reliable?

Imagine finding black spots on the wall behind your fridge. What would you do? Well, most people would immediately run […]

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Most Common Types of Toxic Mold Found in Homes

The term “toxic mold” and its meaning is often misunderstood. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), mold that’s […]

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The Harmful Effects of Mildew in an Apartment

Mildew appears on moist materials like wood and drywall as a thick, velvety layer on the surface of the material. […]

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How to Get Financial Help With a Home Mold Problem

It’s certainly scary to find yourself dealing with a home mold problem. While there is reason to be concerned about […]

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How to Tackle Recurring Black Mold Problems

Mold remediation is essential to protect your home and your family. If black mold is left to grow uncontrolled, it […]

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The Truth About Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is, without a doubt, an extremely hazardous material that has been proven to cause serious illness, lung damage and […]

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Mold in Office Buildings: Sick Building Syndrome

The average Canadian worker spends approximately 40 hours a week in his or her office, which is a significant amount […]

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Mold Contamination in Toronto High-Rise Condo

If you visit Tom and Jackie Johnson’s luxury Toronto condo, proper attire is required. You might be wondering what proper […]

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When Professional Mold Inspections Become Necessary

The demand for professional mold inspection services is growing with each day, and this can be greatly attributed to increasing […]

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