FAQ: Everything You Need to Know about Mold

I’ve discovered mold in my home. What now? If you ever come across evidence of mold in your home, the […]

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Prevent Mold and Protect Your Health

Regardless of how healthy you are or feel that you are, it’s not possible to completely escape or bypass the […]

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Recognize the Signs of a Household Mold Problem

Mold requires moisture, food (dirt, soil or any carbon-based household material like drywall or wallpaper) and the right temperature in […]

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How Mold Exposure Affects Your Health

There are many things you would not want in your home, and mold is certainly one of those things. One […]

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Effects of Mold Exposure: Is Mold Dangerous?

Is mold really as dangerous as people say it is? Is my health really at risk if I’m exposed to […]

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Mold Lawsuits in Canada and the United States

With growing awareness about the health problems associated with mold in homes and buildings, more and more people are starting […]

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Health Effects of Mold on People of All Ages

In today’s world, mold is made out to be a harmless, everyday occurrence. Most people think that they are magically […]

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