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Mold Buster’s Participation in Mold, Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene Workshop

On Tuesday October 5, 2017, Mold Busters participated in the EMSL Laboratories’ workshop on Mold, Indoor Air Quality and Industrial […]

Posted on 25 Oct'17 by


Mold Busters Asia Expansion: Singapore, Malaysia and…Philippines!

Just as the cool, brisk Canadian weather started to make itself known once again, a strategic trip to the tropical […]

Posted on 28 Oct'15 by


Serbia Floods: The Damage, How We Can Help

Last week, water from the Sava River washed out homes, schools, roads and arable land across the Balkans. Flood waters […]

Posted on 30 May'14 by


Ozone Generators: Yet Another Revolutionary Invention by Nikola Tesla

Here, at Mold Busters, we’re huge fans of world-renowned Serbian inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, physicist and futurist, Nikola Tesla. […]

Posted on 07 Apr'14 by


Our Ongoing Struggle with Windows 8

Is it just me, or does Windows 8 suck? Actually, this should be less of a question and more of […]

Posted on 08 Nov'13 by


New! Mold Busters Online Branding

Online branding is typically defined as “the integration of the entire online buying, browsing and conversion process into one continuous […]

Posted on 05 Jan'11 by

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