Canada Investment Opportunity

Looking for a safe and lucrative investment? Mold Busters is an established global company provides environmental inspection, testing and remediation services in cities all over Ontario and Quebec as well as in Singapore and Malaysia.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, we have our own team of web development, marketing, design, content and social media experts that works hard, night and day, to ensure our success.

If you are interested in investing in us or becoming part of our international team, contact us and let’s discuss opportunities.

Business immigration in Ontario & Quebec

Not a citizen of Canada?

Investing in or buying a Canadian business is a great way to receive Permanent Residency.

In fact, Canada offers a wide variety of provincial and federal programs that allow business immigrants with sufficient financial assets and business experience to enter Canada and establish themselves here.

Investing in Ontario

In Ontario, applicants must contribute to the provincial economy by investing at least $3,000,000 into a new or existing business and creating a minimum of 5 permanent, full-time jobs.

Investing in Quebec

In Quebec, applicants must have solid business experience, possess at least $1,600,000 in net assets and plan to settle in and invest into the provincial economy.

Not only is Canada a great place to live, but it’s also a great place to do business. For more information about this fantastic investment opportunity, contact Mold Busters today!

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