Mold Busters – Case Studies

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| 2017 Apr 18 |
Mold Busters – Case Studies

Hear how Mold Busters helped clients across Ontario and Quebec tackle the most difficult cases of toxic black mold infestation, air quality issues, suspicious odours, and asbestos contamination.

If you have mold in your basement, Mold Busters has the experience you need to remediate it fully. Just listen to our customers. They got Mold Busters expert knowledge and still rave about our high quality customer care.

How a Mold Buster Dealt with his Landlord

Mold in the Furnace: A Hidden Health Risk

Causes of Persistent Odors: Mold, Mice or Something Else?

Unseen Dangers: Poor Indoor Air Quality at Work

Asbestos in the Attic: What You See Is Not What You Get

It’s Not Mold Until Tested: Mold Versus Mildew

A Tenant’s Tale: Flooding and Mold

We have seen it all: From flooded basement, to mold infested apartments from suspicious odors in office towers, to asbestos in heritage buildings. We’ll let the stories speak for themselves. We open these stories to help you understand how we work because – sadly – not all mold experts are created equal. Often clients call us to fix problems left behind by other mold remediation companies.

Mold Busters has solved all types of disasters, from flooded basements to furnace mold. We have addressed allergy-causing mold, mildew, and mice. We can even test and treat asbestos in your attic.

Mold Busters uses NAMP certified inspectors to ensure we miss nothing. No mold goes untested, and no asbestos goes undetected. We also strictly follow all S500 and S520 guidelines to ensure your property lives up to the highest containment and safety standards during removal and remediation. You don’t want mold spreading, or asbestos becoming airborne.

Following the most stringent mold & asbestos removal guidelines are Mold Busters principles. But that’s just one reason Mold Busters is trusted across Ontario and Quebec by government, private industry, and home owners.

Mold Busters inspectors are certified by the NAMP to give you the highest quality visual inspections for mold and asbestos. They also bring you some of the most advanced diagnostic tools to measure moisture, air quality, humidity, and more. All samples are sent to accredited labs for professional testing, to get you precise results. Mold Busters has a saying: “It’s not mold if it’s not tested!”

Mold Busters technicians bring a specialized team capable of working in any environment that’s commonly found in the Ottawa, Montreal, and Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Each project strictly follows S500 and S520 guidelines to ensure proper containment of hazardous materials. We also bring the finest quality service, so we leave your property looking better than we left it.

Finally, all projects look to fix the root cause and prevent your issues from ever returning. As you’ll see in these case studies, putting the right tools in the right hands makes all the difference. That’s what makes Mold Busters the top mold remediation, asbestos removal, air quality testing, and home cleaning company in the region.