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The Risks of Marijuana Grow Houses

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, it is possible to grow marijuana in your own home in most provinces […]

Posted on 16 Aug'19 by


24 Sources of Formaldehyde in Your Home

Formaldehyde is an organic compound that is commonly found all around us. It is used for product manufacturing in various […]

Posted on 22 Feb'18 by


How Your Carpet Could Be Making You Sick

Carpets can make your home look more tidy and appealing. With a variety of colour options, pile heights and patterns, […]

Posted on 22 Jan'18 by


Dos and Don’ts of Duct Cleaning

It goes without saying that indoor air quality (IAQ) is an extremely important part of a healthy and comfortable environment. […]

Posted on 05 Dec'17 by


7 Stinky Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

Have you seen the commercial for Febreze? It warns of going “noseblind” to smells in your home. That’s a great […]

Posted on 21 Jun'17 by


Post-Construction Cleaning: A Job You Can’t Ignore

It’s that time of year again! The spring is a great time to tackle the home improvement projects on your […]

Posted on 15 May'15 by


How Your Indoor Environment Affects Your Productivity

We’ve already discussed the effects of indoor environmental conditions like poor air quality on health many times. However, we haven’t […]

Posted on 27 Mar'15 by


Heat Loss in Your Home and How to Detect It

The first day of winter is fast approaching. You’re throwing on your best wool sweater, turning up the heat and […]

Posted on 08 Dec'14 by

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