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Asbestos Inspection App

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral used to fireproof and insulate buildings decades ago. However, today we know it can seriously threaten human health.

Exposure to asbestos may trigger coughing and shortness of breath. It’s possible for its fibres, once inhaled, to get lodged in and eventually scar your lungs. In some cases, this has been linked to trouble breathing and even lung cancer.

Because it’s so hazardous, get in touch with professionals properly equipped and trained to deal with asbestos, if you suspect it’s in your home or office. For these situations, we’ve created the asbestos inspection app.

FREE Asbestos Inspection App

How the asbestos inspection app works

This app is easy to use: simply take a picture of the area you suspect to be contaminated with asbestos and click Send. One of our knowledgeable asbestos inspectors will promptly examine your photo and get back to you with a professional opinion and recommendation.

WARNING: Never attempt to touch the suspected material (not even to snap a better shot) as any disturbance could release asbestos fibres into the air, exposing you and your loved ones to a highly hazardous substance.

Why is an asbestos inspection important?

If you live or work in an older building, the risk of asbestos exposure is particularly high, as asbestos was a common ingredient in construction materials and insulation before the 1980s. Thus, homes, schools, offices, shopping malls, and commercial buildings are all potential hotspots for asbestos.

You can also find asbestos in several common household products such as exterior sidings, caulking and putty, latex paints, ironing boards, hair dryers, and vinyl flooring.

For professional asbestos testing get informed here.

About the creators

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