Steven Adams

Steve is one of the newer members to the Mold Busters team. He comes from Newfoundland and was co-owner of a family-owned fire, water, and wind restoration company as well as a commercial steel building contracting company.

Steve has over 15 years experience in both the inspection, restoration and construction fields and is trained as an indoor environmental hygienist. He has AMRT, WRT and ASD certification from IICRC and has over 3500 inspections to his credit and countless projects completed. As an inspection, restoration and construction professional, Steve was asked to join Fire Emergency Services Newfoundland in 2010 to inspect homes and properties damaged by Hurricane Igor that ravaged the island of Newfoundland. The destruction from this storm was like nothing he has ever seen. He provided over 800 inspections, reports and photos of the damage which covered a huge geographical area of the island.

In 2012, Steve opened EWA Inspections alongside EWA Construction with his father. He provided inspections and testing for mold, asbestos and other indoor contaminants. He worked for 2 years at EWA Inspections before selling the business and going in a different direction professionally.

He could not stay away for long however, and he is now back and working with the Mold Busters team as content creator for the company.

He has a passion for creating, construction and helping people with their mold problems.