Mold Busters Scholarship Winners

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This is the place where Mold Busters will be announcing the winners of our Essay-Writing Scholarship!

We originally launched our biannual writing contest with the aim of raising awareness about the risks of poor indoor air quality poses on human health. Applicants submitted essays on the topic of mold, asbestos or any other type of indoor air pollutant. These essays explored the causes of air quality problems as well as the impacts of these problems on human health and building structures. They also discussed remediation techniques and offered practical tips to prevent or solve indoor air quality issues. We’ve reviewed countless essays to date and are amazed at the talent of all the writers!

The judging process is always very difficult. We receive many well-crafted essays that showcase outstanding knowledge and writing skills. We want to thank and commend all applicants for the time and effort they put into crafting these impressive and enlightening essays.

mold busters scholarship winners

And now, the winners…

Winter 2018 Winner: Maegan Ong

Maegan Ong, Mold Busters Scholarship Winner, Receives Check from Michael Golubev
Maegan Ong, University of Ottawa – Winner of the Winter 2018 Mold Busters Scholarship

Congratulations, Maegan Ong! A student at the University of Ottawa, Maegan truly blew us away with her article about Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It demonstrates outstanding knowledge and highlights one of the most prevalent indoor air hazards. You can read her essay about VOCs here.

Maegan will receive a $1000 prize, which she can put toward tuition or any other school expenses. And in keeping with our goal of raising awareness, Mold Busters will also promote her article on our website and through our social media platforms.

Fall 2017 Winner: Renay Cormier

Renay Cormier, Winner of the Mold Busters Essay-Writing Contest Receives Check from Michael Golubev
Renay Cormier, Carleton University – Winner of the Winter 2017 Mold Busters Scholarship

We are happy to announce that the winner of the winter 2018 writing contest is Renay Cormier from Carleton University. Congratulations Renay!

To prove that they were not interested only in theoretical aspects of this problem, we asked the contestants to discuss effective remediation techniques and to offer up practical tips that could prevent or solve this issue.

In her winning essay, Renay covered the topic of Radon as an indoor air pollutant: Should You Be Concerned? with outstanding eloquence and clarity, describing this issue from various perspectives and proposing a rather interesting and original solution to it. You can read the entire essay about radon here. You can also read through our interview with Renay here.

There were numerous well-crafted essays that are a written proof of how educated and knowledgeable the young generations are. Indeed, we were very proud while reading your papers and we want to congratulate all of you who put your time and effort into crafting these fantastic and intelligently written papers.

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