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Asbestos Ignorance: How Duct Cleaners Endangered Our Client

Client: “My tenant is having a hard time breathing and believes there may be hidden mold in the basement. Can you […]

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What You See Is Not What You Get: Asbestos in the Attic?

Client: Remax Realtor, Montreal, QC     Problem: A home inspector found “asbestos” in the attic, which scared the potential buyer away. […]

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Is There Asbestos in My House?

What are the risks of asbestos? Asbestos is extremely hazardous to human health and has caused millions of deaths worldwide. […]

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Home Made Mold Testing Kits vs Professional Kit

Are Mold Testing Kits Accurate and Reliable? Imagine finding black spots on the wall behind your fridge. What would you […]

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Trends in Environmental Testing: Mold, Asbestos, Lead & More

If you’ve ever visited our website or read our blog, you likely already know how important good indoor air quality […]

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