Residential Mold Removal Course

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Pre-Registration Q/A Event: 10am (GMT+8) September 8th, 2022

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What’s included?

Our course is designed to educate indoor environmental professionals, contractors and consultants about safe and effective Residential Mold Removal.

This course will guide individuals through the Residential Mold Removal Guidelines, and assist them in becoming competent Residential Mold Removal Professionals. Course content:
  • Section 1: Ethics & Limitations
  • Section 2: The Scope of Work Assessment
  • Section 3: The Containment Process
  • Section 4: The Removal Process
  • Section 5: The Disinfection Process
  • Section 6: The Clearance Process
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Final Examination
  • Graduation and Q/A meeting October 8th 10am via Zoom
Mold Busters

About Course Authors

A Canadian company established in 2005, Mold Busters has performed over 17,000 mold inspections; collected over 17,000 air samples; and completed over 6,000 remediation projects. Since then, it has expanded across Asia Pacific.