Penicillium chrysogenum

February 19, 2014 admin

Previously known as Penicilliumnotatum, Penicillium chrysogenum is a widely studied species of Penicillium that is most famous for being a source of penicillin and antibiotics. P. chrysogenum can most often be found in indoor environments, particularly in those with high humidity, dampness, or previous water damage.

In appearance, P. chrysogenum is blue-green in colour with a yellow pigment at times. However, identifying P. chrysogenum based on colour alone is not possible.

P. chrysogenum is well-known as both an allergen and pathogen, although it has rarely been reported as a cause of human disease. Symptoms include pulmonary infection, pneumonia, localized granulomas, fungus balls, and systemic infection. However, it is difficult to make a proper diagnosis given that these symptoms are so common.

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