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Is It Time For Professional Mold Testing?

If you suspect you have a mold problem in your home or office, a test for mold is the only reliable way you can determine if your suspicions were correct. Foregoing or delaying this could increase your risk of health problems or even damage to your property. Don’t forget – it’s not mold until it’s tested!

Benefits of mold testing

The main problem with mold is that is it harmful to just about everyone. What seems like a simple cold (runny nose, a little congestion, a cough) can actually be caused by an allergic reaction to mold. Thus, it is very important to professionally test it in order to find the best way to treat mold.

Benefits of mold testing include:

  1. Assessing fungal ecology
  2. Confirming the presence of mold
  3. Locating source(s) of moisture
  4. Assessing potential health risks
  5. Eliminating potential health risks
  6. Planning a mold remediation
  7. Providing evidence for insurance claims and litigation
  8. Verifying job completion

Only with a proper test is it possible to determine what type of mold is present and figure out the best way to get rid of it for good.

How to tell if you need a mold test?

The most common reason people decide to get professional mold testing is that they notice dark spots that look like mold, a persistent smell, or recurring symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, skin or eye irritation, and headaches.

If you are buying a home, you should perform a mold test first. Mold can be hidden or ignored, but it will still cause very real problems for you and your loved ones. So make sure you test. It is very important to prevent any surprises before you buy a house. Knowing that you are investing in a healthy environment will save you a lot of money down the road, not having to pay for expensive mold remediation.

Should I rely on home mold test kits?

Unless you are a professional, you should avoid direct contact with mold. Period. Testing can release mold spores that can cause allergies to act up, and can spread mold to other parts of your home. Using an at-home mold test kit has other downsides:

Mold samples are often misleading or the results are read incorrectly.

Visual inspections are not included in home mold testing kits, and visual inspections need to be done by a pair of trained eyes. Professional mold services don’t just focus on treating the mold itself, but on its causes too.
Since mold spores are present everywhere, less sophisticated home mold testing kits can be wrong.

What to do if you suspect mold in your home?

If you suspect mold has invaded your house, it’s time to call the BustMold professionals to take care of it. While we are working on testing and mold removal, we strongly recommend you read our guide and learn how to prevent mold from coming back in the future.