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 The Tenant's Guide to Mold - Mold Busters

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When it comes to moisture intrusion, water damage and floods, landlords can be difficult to deal with, and tenants usually don’t have the time or resources to insist on proper help.

The truth is that landlords are responsible for providing a safe and healthy living environment for occupants of their property, and tenants have the right to ask their landlords for proper remediation and restoration if they fear that their health is at risk.

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The Tenant's Guide to Mold
The Tenant's Guide to Mold

Common problems in rental properties

Some of the most common problems tenants come across is mold, odours, asbestos and flooding. All of these are good indicators of poor air quality, which can have a negative effect on health (causing allergies, asthma and a variety of other symptoms).

Unfortunately, when it comes to addressing these issues, most tenants aren’t well informed about what their landlord’s responsibilities are.

That’s where we come in. We’ve created this service specifically for tenants because we know that their concerns are often brushed aside by landlords who are looking to save money or who are too busy to take care of their property.

Included are special offers and reduced pricing as well as a variety of consultation services for dealing with some of the most common indoor air quality problems today.


Special discounts for tenants

If you’re a tenant, you qualify to receive discounted rates on the following services:

If our assessments show that there is indeed an air quality issue at hand, we will provide you with reliable expertise when dealing with your landlord.

Consultation services

Our consultation services can also help you to

  • Understand your rights as a tenant
  • Deal with insurance companies and adjusters
  • Process your issue with the Régie du Bâtiment (Quebec only)
  • Learn more about various Community Housing resources
  • Further your mold education (i.e. how your indoor environment can affect your health)

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