Retirement Home Disinfection Services

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It’s common knowledge that senior residents and the brave staff manning the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19 are the most at risk of contracting and suffering from the illness. With that said, if you need expert and proactive disinfection services to help flatten the curve, don’t put your workers in harm’s way. Proper cleaning during these times, especially in such environments, demands industrial-grade tools and cleaning supplies along with fully protective apparel.

Our team has the years of expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and proactive know-how needed to help protect retirement home residents and workers, especially during such a very difficult time. Trust in us to deliver the deepest cleaning possible, disinfecting everything in sight and leaving nothing untouched in our efforts to reduce the risk of bacterial infection or viral transmission.

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We’re fully certified by the IICRC and RBQ, and we follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of our own team while delivering the most proactive service possible. We’ll take good care of you, leaving you to take good care of the local residents in need of a safer, healthier environment.

Our Approach to Retirement Home Disinfections

  • Comprehensive onsite inspections that address every risk variable
  • Fully compliant with InterNACHI COVID-19 safety guidelines
  • Virtual assessments available upon request
  • We follow strict physical and social distancing rules
  • Use of high-grade cleaners, tools and other equipment to deliver the deepest disinfection possible

Concerned About Onsite Visits? Switch to a Virtual Inspection!

We know that retirement homes are amongst the most dangerous and risk-prone environments out there right now and that getting disinfection services arranged can be stressful. That’s why we’re happy to remove that stress element by offering virtual assessments which still enable us to paint the clearest possible picture of your conditions and any potential risks to our team.

It all starts by getting in touch with one of our fully certified indoor environmental specialists. They’ll perform a remote evaluation of your property and identify any areas of concern, protecting yours and our teams. After receiving a quote and timeframe, we’ll establish a date for the work. We also offer recurring disinfection services at a discounted rate.

Our Retirement Home Disinfection Process: Step by Step

  1. Front door flushing service
  2. Deep-cleaning dislodging of airborne particulates
  3. Room-by-room HEPA vacuuming
  4. Extensive touchpoint sanitization; no doorknob, grab handle or call button is forgotten
  5. Dedicated antiviral fogging service for additional disinfection

Let’s Flatten the Curve Together

Common Retirement Home Disinfection FAQ’s

How often should retirement homes be disinfected?

As much as humanly possible, given the high death rate amongst senior residents associated with COVID-19. While daily or bi-daily disinfections sound extreme, implementing them can save many lives in the long run. Outside of pandemic circumstances, a more regular cleaning schedule (twice or more a month, depending on facility size) is ideal. Get in touch with our team to determine the best practices for your specific operations.

What areas of retirement homes are most risk-prone to bacteria growth?

In retirement homes, nearly every surface should be treated as a “conductor” of sorts for germs, especially any spaces used by residents or staff who interact with them. Common lounges, rooms, dining areas, kitchen prep spaces, bathrooms, and other similar areas should all be regularly sanitized and disinfected in a proactive manner.

What do I do if a resident or staff member develops COVID-19 symptoms?

Isolate the individual and avoid breathing in the air near them – this sounds extreme but studies have shown that six feet is sometimes not a far enough distance. Follow public health guidelines that should be provided to you in terms of post-case-identification steps, and call us up to arrange an immediate assessment and disinfection. Do not touch anything that the infected individual has interacted with, and work to identify interactions they have made in the past several days (opening doors, eating closely with others, etc).

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