Hotel & Airbnb Disinfection Services

Operating a hotel, motel or Airbnb is no easy feat when the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire tourism industry has been shaken up, and folks are sensitive to properties that have been home to people with symptoms or actual cases. Now more than ever, your cleaning strategy is your lifeline.

Hotels and other similar businesses are prime candidates for the spread of viruses and bacteria, even without a pandemic looming overhead. Furnishings, decor, fabrics, carpeting, and a myriad of touchpoints such as door handles, light switches and television remotes can all harbour germs, making transmission prevention a real challenge. This is before even considering shared public spaces such as restaurants, elevators, check-in areas, lounges, and onsite bars.

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Our hotel and Airbnb disinfection services are designed to be highly proactive and effective, producing hygienic results for added peace of mind. We offer single-instance and recurring disinfection services to accommodation service providers, enabling you to find a solution that works with your current budget. We adhere to industry-leading COVID-19 disinfection protocols to protect our workers in addition to keeping employees and guests of the property safe.

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Whether you need a specific set of rooms deep-cleaned or want your entire property decontaminated as a precaution, we are here for you. With our hotel and Airbnb disinfection services, you can help alleviate public concerns and better retain guests while ensuring the employees on the front lines are adequately safeguarded against transmission risk variables.

Our Approach to Helping Hotels and Airbnbs Defend Against COVID-19

  • Complimentary, thorough onsite inspections
  • Implementation of stringent physical and social distancing as a precautionary measure
  • Upon request, we can provide virtual site assessments
  • Our team operates in full compliance with InterNACHI COVID-19 cleaning guidelines

Switch to a Hotel and Airbnb Virtual Inspection!

Our team is deeply passionate about protecting one another, our clients, and those they serve. Accommodation services are among the most at-risk operations when it comes to COVID-19 exposure, and we understand if you would prefer an alternative to a physical onsite assessment. Upon request, we’re happy to switch your scheduled visit to a virtual inspection free of charge.

These assessments are more or less the same: We start by connecting you with an experienced, fully certified indoor environmental professional with knowledge of today’s best disinfection practices. A remote evaluation of your property is then carried out, which is a critical step in enabling us to accurately assess the conditions at hand. We can then identify risk elements and variables that could complicate the disinfection process. Afterwards, you’ll receive a timeframe and quote before discussing the scheduling of the cleaning itself. If you would like for us to perform recurring disinfection services for your business, just let us know and we’ll work on the specifics further, including potential discounts!

Our Hotel and Airbnb Disinfection Process: Step By Step

  1. An air flushing station is set up at the front door
  2. Our team then systematically dislodges all particulates
  3. Thorough HEPA vacuuming is performed in all required spaces
  4. Manual disinfection of every touchpoint including light switches, door handles, countertops, and more
  5. Comprehensive fogging with antimicrobial disinfectant

Protect Your Investment, Employees, and Guests

Common Hotel and Airbnb Disinfection FAQ’s

Do you follow recommendations by local healthcare providers?

Absolutely. We make it a point to mobilize and implement our hotel and Airbnb disinfection services in collaboration with local health authorities. This helps us to maintain awareness of suspected cases, at-risk areas, and new strategies aimed at minimizing transmission risk.

What kind of training does your disinfection team have against COVID-19?

No employee will suit up and work if they are feeling unwell, and we have implemented measures to protect our team in the event of suspected symptoms. Everyone has attended comprehensive briefings on best practices when disinfecting for COVID-19, and we ensure our team has the protective equipment needed to get the job done safely.

What best practices should I employ in protecting my accommodation business?

Monitoring guest conditions, ramping up scheduled cleanings, taking on more contingent cleaning staff and performing regular health screenings go a long way in reducing transmission risk, as does limiting or ceasing functionality of dining areas as a precaution. If you offer a buffet, guests should not handle the food, and all public touchpoints should be frequently disinfected.

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