Church Disinfection Services

Maintaining an indoor environment that is welcoming, safe and comfortable for parishioners is important; people are turning to churches for solace and support more than ever as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Unfortunately, the severe nature of the virus is making it increasingly dangerous and difficult for church operators to reopen their doors.

A single individual can infect an entire congregation within minutes due to the way most churches are designed in terms of seating arrangements and foot traffic flow, as seen in South Korea and elsewhere around the globe.

Church Disinfection Service

Our team at Mold Busters is prepared to offer a comprehensive, proactive solution with our church disinfection services.

With state-of-the-art equipment, full compliance with COVID-19 safety guidelines and many years of deep cleaning experience in a variety of environments, we’re an ideal choice for those seeking to make church gatherings safer during these trying times. The same applies to if you’re preparing for the eventual reopening and want to mitigate any risk of the virus hiding within your walls.

Our Approach to Church Disinfections

  • Fully IICRC and RBQ certified cleaning professionals
  • Compliance with established InterNACHI COVID-19 safety guidelines
  • Virtual assessments available upon request
  • Superior-quality cleanings that respect physical and social distancing
  • Use of fully protective clothing and high-tech equipment for the best possible results

Prefer a Virtual Inspection? No Problem!

We know that, during these times, the thought of having a stranger step into your church for an inspection can be a little daunting. Fortunately, it’s not your only option – we’re happy to offer virtual assessments in place of standard in-person visits. That way, our team is fully informed of the situation at hand within your walls, and everyone stays safe during the entire process.

Church Disinfection

That process is remarkably simple, by the way! It all starts by getting in touch with one of our fully certified indoor environmental specialists, who will perform a remote evaluation of your property. They’ll identify areas that require our attention the most and spot any risk elements associated with the job at hand. Then, our team will generate a fair and appropriate quote as well as schedule your cleaning. Should you require our services on a recurring basis, we’ll be happy to work out a special rate.

Our Church Disinfection Process: Step by Step

  1. Front door flushing service
  2. Thorough removal of interior airborne particulates
  3. Dedicated HEPA vacuuming
  4. Sanitization of all touchpoints such as pews, door handles, railings, organ keys, and more
  5. Disinfectant-based fogging spray service

Restore Your Faith in Having a Clean, Safe Property

Church Disinfection FAQ’s

How often should I disinfect my church?

Should you be permitted to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, daily thorough cleanings on behalf of your staff aren’t a bad idea at all. Under normal circumstances, once a week should be sufficient given the number of visitors the building may contain at any given time. For more comprehensive disinfection services, reach out to us for assistance.

How do I prepare a church for disinfection?

Once services are over and the building is emptied, it’s simply a matter of getting to work once sensitive items such as electronics and service-associated equipment are safely stored away.

How much do professional church disinfections cost?

The price will vary according to the size of the property, the complexity of the job, and the number of hours required to carry it out. We’re happy to work out a fair and justifiable quote with you.

Church Disinfection Showcase