Car & Truck Disinfection Services

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Your car gets a lot of mileage. With every mile, more germs are introduced to its interior and exterior. While hosing down the outside of your vehicle is as easy as can be, keeping the interior clean and hygienic is a significant challenge.

Consider how your car is used under normal circumstances, before COVID-19 even developed: carpools, business trips, driving your kids, making deliveries, renting or selling to customers – the list goes on and on.

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Now, with the pandemic in full swing, we need to be more thoughtful of how we use our vehicles. A single interaction with a virus or bacteria is all it takes to spread the illness.

The exposed interior materials, primarily fabrics and metal surfaces, are breeding grounds for germs, even in brand new vehicles that have yet to be sold. You don’t know if the person who handled your vehicle in the dealership was sick or developed COVID-19 symptoms a few days later.

It makes sense that you don’t want to face this alone, especially without adequate protection. Our team is fully prepared to deliver thorough, meticulous car & truck disinfection services that ensure not only peace of mind but also your safety.

COVID-19 has been proven to not discriminate; people of all ages, lifestyles, and ethnic backgrounds are at risk, and you never know who is going to need a trip to the ICU. For this reason, we are fully compliant with industry-leading safety guidelines, utilizing over 15 years of professional disinfecting and remediation experience.

Our Anti-Viral Approach to Car & Truck Disinfection during COVID-19

  • Complimentary assessment of on-site conditions
  • Strict social and physical distancing measures in place for on-site visits
  • Digital (contactless) site assessments offered if required
  • Absolute compliance with InterNACHI COVID-19 safety guidelines
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and deep-cleaning equipment

Take Advantage of Our Virtual Assessments for Car Disinfection

We operate as proactively as possible in order to safeguard clients and employees against exposure to germs, particularly to COVID-19 (coronavirus). As a precaution, we’re pleased to offer digital assessments of the vehicle(s) in question. To accommodate our clients during these trying times, we offer the ability to change your scheduled onsite visit to a virtual appointment.

Professional assessments enable us to deliver results you can count on. They’re a critical part of the disinfection process. The process involves getting in touch with one of our certified indoor environmental professionals, who will evaluate the interior of your vehicle and assess the conditions at hand. This allows us to paint a clearer picture of the risk elements present as well as the scale and complexity of the job at hand, helping keep us – and you – as safe as can be. Once the evaluation is complete, we will provide you with a timeframe and detailed quote.

Our Vehicle Disifection Process: Step By Step

  1. Deep-cleaning of seats, door panels, flooring, mats, and other fabric-covered areas while protecting the material in question
  2. Dislodging of all particulates and thorough HEPA vacuuming
  3. Disinfection of all touchpoints including doors, buttons, dials, seat levers, and more
  4. Thorough fogging with the help of an antiviral disinfectant

Keep Your Vehicles Safe for All Occupants:

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