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Mold Removal in Rockport

Rockport is surrounded by water, a fact that makes it both a beautiful place and an area that's extremely vulnerable to moisture-related issues like mold. Luckily, the certified experts at Mold Busters offer a wide variety of testing, inspection and remediation options for you to choose from.

Whether you own a home, a cottage or a boat, our reliable expertise and fast, thorough service make for 100% customer satisfaction--always. Call us today to speak to a mold professional.

Effects of Mold on Indoor Air Quality
Effects of Mold on Indoor Air Quality
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Rockport, Ontario

Full of historic homes, inns, restaurants, boutiques, marinas and boat launches, Rockport is a charming village in the heart of the Thousand Islands. Its proximity to the St. Lawrence River attracts thousands of locals and tourists each year, and among the many activities offered in the region are scenic boat tours, diving excursions, cultural events and fine/casual dining.

I have a cottage in Rockport. When I came down for the first time this summer, I noticed a strong musty odour that wouldn't go away after I opened all the windows. What should I do?

It's always hard to give an answer before seeing (or, in this case, smelling) the problem in person. However, a possible explanation is that you had some sort of leak develop over the winter, which allowed moisture to enter your cottage. Since no one was around to dry the affected area, it is very possible that mold started to grow.

Before jumping to any conclusions, you should first get a preliminary visual inspection to identify what's causing the odour. It may be a moisture problem; it may be a pest infestation; or it may be something completely harmless. If mold is identified as the issue, the visual inspection will also allow the inspector to evaluate the damage done, develop a scope of work and provide you with an accurate quote.

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I didn't expect any company would come to Rockport to do a mold test on such short notice, but Mold Busters scheduled an appointment the next day. The inspector was friendly, professional and went out of his way to make sure that I was happy. Highly recommend to everyone who thinks they have a mold problem. George (Rockport, Ontario)
Punctual polite professional Warren S
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