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Mold Removal in Prescott

If you have any respiratory or health problems but can't figure out why, you may be experiencing symptoms of poor indoor air quality caused by mold, asbestos, VOCs or a number of other indoor air contaminants.

A Mold Busters inspection will help you either rule out any of these threats or proceed with proper remediation. Our certified inspectors are trained to detect mold, moisture problems, asbestos-containing insulation and other toxic substances in all types of properties--residential, commercial and industrial.

If we do identify a threat, we proceed quickly to give you a scope of work and schedule the remediation, before it can cause permanent damage to your health and your home.

Mold Inspections and Removal
Mold Inspections and Removal
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Prescott, Ontario

Prescott is a small town situated on the North shore of the St. Lawrence River, an hour from Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario. The town was founded in the early 19th century during the American Revolution and was named after Governor-in-Chief, Robert Prescott.

Prescott is a picturesque gateway to the Thousand Islands, which attracts all Shakespeare lovers during the summer months, since it hosts the well-known St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival.

Once cleaned up, can mold grow back?

Mold will come back if it is not properly removed (i.e. if only the surface mold was cleaned or if the underlying moisture problem was not fixed). That is why it is not a good idea to attempt to remove mold by yourself. Often, people who try a DIY mold removal project experience regrowth of mold and mildew simply because they did not clean the area thoroughly or because they failed to repair the moisture problem fuelling the mold growth.

With our team of mold experts, we guarantee results. We are so confident in our mold remediation services that we provide a free air quality test upon completion of the cleanup that will prove that all mold spores have been eliminated.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

We had some surface mold on drywall from an old water leak that we finally wanted to remove. I was very skeptical about the "depth" of the problem, that’s why I called Mold Busters, recommended by a friend of mine a few months ago, since she had mold infestation problem herself. Mold Busters reviewed the problem and suggested full remediation. What I appreciated the most is that Mold Busters stood behind their work, which is a rarity these days. Flora, Prescott, Ontario
Great customer service and did an amazing job while working under a lot of pressure with an unhappy tenant of mine. Great job. Lillian S.
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