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Mold Removal in Manotick

Mold Busters is dedicated to providing top-quality solutions to today's most common indoor air quality problems. We offer a wide variety of inspection, testing and remediation services in Manotick for mold, asbestos, VOCs, radon and more.

We are certified industry experts—with the knowledge, skill and experience to meet all of your indoor air quality needs.

Mold Inspections and Removal in Manotick
Mold Inspections and Removal in Manotick
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Manotick, Ontario

A rural community located 25 km south of the Ottawa city centre, Manotick is a suburb on the Rideau River. Most notably, Manotick is known for Watson's Mill, one of the last operating industrial grist mills in North America, and it's often used as a symbol for the town. Manotick amalgamated with Ottawa in 2001.

How long does a mold remediation take?

Each case is different, and so, it really depends on the extent of the mold contamination. Some mold remediation jobs can be done in just one day if the contamination is small; other times, they can take three to four days to complete. This is because there might be demolition involved as well as insulation removal, and multiple rounds of HEPA vacuuming, fogging, and using the ozone machine for complete disinfection.

And of course, after any cleanup, we always vent out the room in question for at least a couple of hours so that you have a fresh, clean space to come home to.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

I recently moved into a new house and started to develop allergies that I’ve never had before. I don’t have any pets and it seemed like the allergies just began when I moved. And strangely, they seemed to get worse every time I was in the basement area. So I searched the Internet for common causes of allergies and found out about mould on the Mold Busters website. Alarmed, I booked a mould inspection immediately and found out about a mold issue in the basement (probably caused by a prior flood). Luckily Mold Busters took care of it professionally and my allergies went away. I’m so grateful that companies like Mold Busters are out there and that they actually care about their clients. Lucy (Manotick, Ontario)
I have been sick for over a month with an odour coming from my neighbours. Management did nothing as they said it was their food. Mold Busters came to investigate the odour. Very courteous, polite and did the testing. Explained everything in details and sent me in the right direction to resolve the problem. Turns out I wasn't crazy! Neighbours are doing something with probable gaz in the house. Thank you so much. I was dreading winter in that smell. I really appreciate what you did and I would highly recommend you !! Lucie M
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