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Mold Removal in Limoges

Mold makes spores that are like very small seeds, and when they are released, they can be carried by air or water to new location. If you are dealing with mold infestation, call our experienced and certified Mold Busters inspectors they will do everything to eliminate harmful mycotoxins before having a chance to become airborne, by attacking them while they are still vulnerable. Living in a damp house infested with mold can be bad for your health. The good news? You can do something about your mold problem – call Mold Busters to arrange an initial mold inspection, testing and remediation. They will remove mold from your property, sanitize it and advise you on ways to reduce excess moisture and improve ventilation to keep your place healthy and safe.

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Limoges is a small village 35 km east of Ottawa, located between Casselman and Embrun. Limoges is known for Calypso Park, Canada’s largest theme waterpark, Oasis Mini Golf and Kittawa camping site.


During winter months, many homes suffer from damp and mold growth due to condensation. If most air gets in contact with cold surfaces ( like walls, windows, mirrors), the moisture turns into water droplets (condensation). Mold often occurs because of condensation, and it usually appears as black spots in corners and poorly ventilated spaces, and it can grow fast, if moisture levels are high.


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  • Thank you so much for the most thorough job you have done on my apartment. I was almost tempted not to repaint, as you had cleaned the walls so meticulously! I’m also very grateful that you took time to reply to my email, sending tips for reducing future mold growth. Thank you again for your time, I will gladly recommend your service to everyone I know in Limoges!“ Kyle, Limoges, Ontario
  • I am so impressed by the knowledge and expertise of Charlie. He stopped by our house on his way from Detroit. He was so patient with all of our questions and so very detailed with his recommendations. Absolutely, I will recommend your company. Jacqueline Keith T