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Mold Removal in Iroquois

Mold remediation and mold removal is all about removing mold and mold spores from your property. Mold procedure can differ for each project and usually involves: containment of working area, disinfection and anti-microbial misting, cleaning and treating of structural elements and prevention of future mold growth. Mold Busters, certified mold inspection service will thoroughly check your property to quickly assess the size of your mold problem at your property. The results of the test will help to decide the correct course of action of remediation. Inspecting for and removing mold can be complex. But, the experts at Mold Busters are fully certified to handle all possible mold and IAQ-related problems.

Everything You Need to Know about Black Mold
Everything You Need to Know about Black Mold
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Iroquois, Ontario

Iroquois is a part of the municipality South Dundas in eastern Ontario. It was partly flooded by the creation of St. Lawrence Seaway in 1958. and relocated to higher grounds in the same area. There was organized an international design competition in 1954. to come up with the idea for new Iroquois townsite.


  • Roofing or plumbing leaks
  • Flooding ( storms, broken pipes, bath tubs/toilets )
  • Outside air infiltration ( condensation )
  • Uninsulated ductwork ( condensation )
  • Open crawl space ( condensation )

Water from unrepaired leaks, flooding or hidden humidity can make homes susceptible to mold damage. Mold is the symptom, and excessive water or humidity is the disease. Contact Mold Busters, certified professional service, to nip the disease in the bud!

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„ We have used Mold Busters’ services for clearing, odor control, and water damage restoration in our motel for years. They have done, by far, the best job of all companies we engaged. They are always professional, on time, considerable of our guests – they perform their services as discreetly as possible and are always willing to respond to all our requests.“ Frank, Iroquois, Ontario
As an investor and going through several transaction I can say, Bust Mold, Charles Leduc provided professionally with all the tools in hand to find a potential source of a problem with recommendations. Even using todays methods for source of payment and communications. Thank you! Anonymous Business
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