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Mold Removal in Halifax

In Halifax, if you’re worried mold may have invaded your home or commercial property, you need to know how it looks. Mold is often dark green, blue, or black and appears on nearly any surface as dark spots. Once you see the first signs of mold, then it is too late. You need NAMP-certified experts like Mold Busters right away to come in and clean up your property. Mold Busters treats every property seriously and uses only the highest quality professional diagnostic tools, and accredited labs for testing samples of mold we collect. Mold Busters is bringing the highest levels of certification and 15 years experience in mold removal to Halifax, so call today!

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A major economic center for the Atlantic Canada region, Halifax is home to the largest metropolitan population east of Quebec City, and north of Boston—over 400,000 people. From widely recognized universities like Dalhousie University, to fishing, agricultural, and manufacturing industries, the region is teeming with activity. The Port of Halifax also happens to be the only seaport on the East Coast deep enough to accommodate fully loaded post-Panamax ships, making it Canada’s Atlantic gateway to the world!If you’re visiting Halifax, the Halifax Public Gardens and the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk are some of the main attractions in the city. Summer or winter, you can sit in a cafe reading The Chronicle Herald and enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean in an urban environment.

I’m selling my house and a home inspector found mold in the attic? What do I do?

With Halifax being a city by the ocean, moisture and precipitation regularly seeps into attic spaces. Since they're rarely occupied and seldom used, no one notices. As a result this area commonly becomes a problem during real estate transactions. Often when a home inspection is performed, that's when dark discolorations are observed on wood, on insulation, or on the roof. But only a certified mold professional has the right tools and training to accurately assess your property for mold contamination. Only they can advise you on how to remediate the issue and prevent mold from coming back.

For your piece of mind, a mold inspection from a certified and experienced professional is the only option. Give every property a proper inspection prior to finalizing any & all real estate transactions to avoid costly battles, projects, and repairs down the line. Call Mold Busters today!

Expert mold remediation services in Halifax

You can now find Mold Busters mold removal services in Nova Scotia! Our newest location offers comprehensive mold services at always low prices. From mold inspections and indoor air quality tests to professional mold cleaning and disinfection, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

We provide same-day or next-day appointments for emergencies. Call now!

Did you know that mold can cause Sick Building Syndrome, skin rashes and other allergic reactions, flu-like symptoms (nasal congestion, sore throat) and even serious, life-threatening diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis?

It’s true: mold isn't just a structural threat to your home, it's also proven to be harmful to your health. Certain species of mold (i.e. Stachybotrys or black mold) produce powerful mycotoxins—toxic chemicals that account for a wide range of health problems, from acute to chronic. In fact, many researchers believe that the effects of mold on human health are hugely underestimated.

Effectively and safely removing mold from your home and making sure it doesn’t grow back requires professional help.

Removing mold from attics

Attics are a breeding ground for mold. They offer wood, insulation, dust—perfect fuel for mold. That’s why attic mold problems can be very big and very complicated to deal with. In addition to this, attics are often very small, tight spaces that are difficult to access, let alone clean.

Let Mold Busters take care of it. We have been removing mold from attics for over 10 years and know the safest, most effective way to do it. This includes setting up a safe containment area so that the rest of your home does not get contaminated in the remediation process and using powerful HEPA vacuums to eliminate even the smallest of mold spores. Afterwards, we will clean and disinfect all surfaces so your attic is left looking like new.

Call us today to book your attic mold removal.

Basement mold cleaning

Basements are another common hotspot for mold. They are dark, damp and prone to water problems like flooding and leaky pipes. This is a problem because mold needs only three things to survive…and thrive:

  1. Moisture: Any type of moisture—humidity, condensation, flooding, leaks—is a prerequisite for mold growth. Without water, mold spores cannot reproduce and multiply. Typically, you have only 48 hours after a moisture intrusion occurs to dry all the wet materials or mold will begin to grow.
  2. Food: All living organisms need food to survive. With molds, this means that cellulose-rich materials like drywall, wood and fabrics are all on the menu, making your furniture, walls, cupboards, carpets, rugs and curtains susceptible to mold.
  3. Temperature: The optimal temperature for mold growth is anywhere between (15°C to 27°C). Given that these temperatures are also close to comfortable room temperature, it’s easy to see why mold is such a huge problem in indoor environments like homes, offices and schools.

Hiring a professional mold company like Mold Busters ensures that every dark corner of your basement gets cleaned and that the hidden moisture problem causing the mold growth is fixed in order to prevent the mold from growing back in the future. At the end of the mold abatement, we will even send one of our mold inspectors to take an air quality test to confirm that your basement is mold-free.

Contact Mold Busters today to schedule your basement mold removal.

Mold inspection services in Halifax

Mold is not always obvious. Sometimes there are no visible clues, and homeowners are often surprised by what a professional mold inspector finds.

If you notice any of these signs, you should get your home inspected for mold as soon as possible:

  • Any kind of discoloration on walls, floors, ceilings (not just black spots)
  • Musty or damp odors
  • Peeling paint
  • Bubbling wallpaper
  • Condensation on walls or around windows

The purpose of a mold inspection is to let a certified mold expert:

  1. Examine the affected area and look for signs of mold;
  2. Measure moisture levels, temperature, humidity, airborne particles, etc.;
  3. Take mold or air quality tests;
  4. Perform an infrared scan to locate any temperature abnormalities;
  5. Locate potential sources of moisture (and therefore the cause of the mold);
  6. Develop a scope of work, and
  7. Provide you with a quote on how much mold removal will cost.

A mold assessment is a necessary first step in resolving any mold problem. It is also extremely helpful if you are buying a new home, as standard home inspections often overlook mold problems (home inspectors are not mold experts).

At Mold Busters, we provide same-day mold inspections all over Halifax that include a free written summary and professional recommendation should your property require remediation. As our client, your needs and well-being come first, and we are extremely proud of our record for fast, quality service and customer satisfaction.

Get fast mold testing in Halifax

A mold test is the surest way to find out if you’re dealing with mold. There are different types of tests, and the one that’s best for you will depend on your specific problem (e.g. Is the mold growing behind or on a wall? Does the problem affect only one room or the entire house? Are the occupants experiencing any health issues that could be caused by the mold?)

During your Mold Busters assessment, the inspector will determine whether or not you need mold testing and, if so, what kind. We offer swab tests, which offer a quick yes-or-no answer (similar to a pregnancy test) and air quality tests, which get sent to an accredited microbiological laboratory for analysis.

Generally, we recommend air tests for mold because they give us more details about the problem (e.g. How bad is the contamination? Is there any mold growing behind walls where you can’t see it? Is there more than one species of mold present?). In fact, air tests are extremely useful because they help differentiate between species of mold so you know whether you’re dealing with toxic black mold or an allergenic species. All of this information is useful for both your health and for developing an effective remediation strategy.

If you’re worried about black mold in your Halifax home, call Mold Busters to book a mold test now.

How much does mold removal cost in Halifax?

Naturally, a lot of people are concerned about the cost of mold removal. In order to save money, they try to get rid of mold with bleach, a brush and a little bit of time.

This usually ends up making the problem worse because they underestimated the amount of work involved, didn’t set up proper containment, didn’t remove all of the mold, or didn’t fix the underlying moisture problem causing the mold growth.

The truth is that some species of mold (i.e. Stachybotrys chartarum or black mold) can survive even the harshest of cleaners including bleach and acid.

In addition, killing mold with bleach targets only living mold spores, usually only at the surface level. It does nothing to protect you against dead mold spores, which are just as dangerous to your health as living ones. (Dead mold spores are still toxic and can cause symptoms like respiratory problems, headaches, fatigue, sore throat and other flu-like symptoms.)

This type of cleaning also cannot clean mold that has penetrated deep inside porous materials like wood and drywall. As such, do-it-yourself mold removal is never the solution for widespread or persistent mold growth.

To find out how much your mold removal project will cost, contact Mold Busters today and ask to speak to one of our remediation technicians. Our mold removal prices are very reasonable and we always do our best to minimize additional costs and give you an accurate quote.

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