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Mold Removal in Halifax

In Halifax, if you’re worried mold may have invaded your home or commercial property, you need to know how it looks. Mold is often dark green, blue, or black and appears on nearly any surface as dark spots. Once you see the first signs of mold, then it is too late. You need NAMP-certified experts like Mold Busters right away to come in and clean up your property. Mold Busters treats every property seriously and uses only the highest quality professional diagnostic tools, and accredited labs for testing samples of mold we collect. Mold Busters is bringing the highest levels of certification and 15 years experience in mold removal to Halifax, so call today!

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A major economic center for the Atlantic Canada region, Halifax is home to the largest metropolitan population east of Quebec City, and north of Boston—over 400,000 people. From widely recognized universities like Dalhousie University, to fishing, agricultural, and manufacturing industries, the region is teeming with activity. The Port of Halifax also happens to be the only seaport on the East Coast deep enough to accommodate fully loaded post-Panamax ships, making it Canada’s Atlantic gateway to the world!If you’re visiting Halifax, the Halifax Public Gardens and the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk are some of the main attractions in the city. Summer or winter, you can sit in a cafe reading The Chronicle Herald and enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean in an urban environment.

I’m selling my house and a home inspector found mold in the attic? What do I do?

With Halifax being a city by the ocean, moisture and precipitation regularly seeps into attic spaces. Since they're rarely occupied and seldom used, no one notices. As a result this area commonly becomes a problem during real estate transactions. Often when a home inspection is performed, that's when dark discolorations are observed on wood, on insulation, or on the roof. But only a certified mold professional has the right tools and training to accurately assess your property for mold contamination. Only they can advise you on how to remediate the issue and prevent mold from coming back.

For your piece of mind, a mold inspection from a certified and experienced professional is the only option. Give every property a proper inspection prior to finalizing any & all real estate transactions to avoid costly battles, projects, and repairs down the line. Call Mold Busters today!

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