Mold Removal in Ferguson’s Cove

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Mold Removal in Ferguson’s Cove

For professional, affordable help dealing with a mold problem call the experts at Mold Busters, Ferguson Cove's certified mold and air quality specialists. All our services are available in English or French.We take out all the stops. Our team is made up of certified mold technicians, certified thermographers and certified water damage restoration technicians. No matter the problem, we have the solution. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do on your property. All assessments are available, and full reports of findings are available after inspection.

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Mold Inspection with Thermal Imaging
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Ferguson’s Cove

You can find a National Historic Site in Ferguson's Cove, namely the York Redoubt. Nowadays Ferguson's Cove is a residential area with quiet, beautiful homes along the coast. Aside from upscale homes with easy access to all the amenities that Halifax has to offer, Ferguson's Cove has a military presence. Conveniently located near the opening to the Atlantic, this region has historically been a defensive position and today is even home to a Navy installation and training facility.

I'm on my boat, and I get this funky smell from the interior. Is my sailboat going to be like this forever?

Cigarettes, mold, and exhaust can be pretty bad individually and in combination can really stink up a boat. One trick we use are ozone generators on boats of any kind. The shocked look on our clients faces are the best when they realize we cleared 10-20 years of odour from their vessel.

Crisp, clean air isn't just for outside the boat. Call to book an appointment with Mold Busters today.

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  • I'm so happy with my EZ Breathe ventilation unit in my basement. I get to enjoy my summer without worrying about humidifiers and humidity ruining my new floors. Thanks! Davis G
  • The tech that came in couldn't have been more polite. Emily