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Mold Removal in Embrun

Concerned about air pollutants in your home or office? Want a long-lasting solution to black mold problems? Mold Busters has all the services you need to ensure a healthy, pollutant-free indoor environment, whether it be your home, office, storage facility, or even your car.

From indoor air quality testing and mold inspections to asbestos insulation removal and mold remediation, we are Embrun's go-to company for fast, professional and reliable service. Call us today to talk to a certified mold expert.

Mold Inspection & Remediation Services in Embrun
Mold Inspection & Remediation Services in Embrun
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Embrun, Ontario

A town in the National Capital Region, Embrun is about a 25-minute drive from Ottawa. It was home to 6,380 residents in 2011; however, it's one of the most rapidly growing populations in Ontario. And although Embrun is located in Ontario, nearly 60% of residents speak French at home.

Embrun's continental climate means winters are cold and summers are humid. This gives rise to a number of moisture problems for households during the relatively short spring and fall, including leaks, flooding and condensation.

How much does a mold remediation cost?

We get asked this question a lot, but the answer is always the same. As simple as the mold problem may seem, it's impossible for us to give a quote without seeing the problem first. This is because the extent of the damage is not always visible and further investigation may reveal underlying issues that need to be addressed before any remediation begins. It's kind of like a mechanic trying to fix your car over the phone--a lot of guesswork would be involved.

As such, we always recommend a comprehensive visual inspection before committing to any remediation work in order to avoid surprises, headaches and unexpected expenses. Luckily, at Mold Busters, we're committed to providing fast, reliable service. We're often able to provide property owners in the Embrun area with same-day mold inspections so you can get your mold problems fixed sooner rather than later.

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The Mold Busters agent answered all of my questions in great detail. They definitely always put their clients first. Paul (Embrun, Ontario)
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