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Mold Removal in Dartmouth

Do you want to be satisfied with your mold inspection and mold removal? At Mold Busters, our focus is customer satisfaction and our number one priority.That's why we offer the widest selection of air quality and mold services at the lowest prices to all residents of Dartmouth.Getting it done as quickly as possible comes naturally with our focus on customer satisfaction. If you have allergies, are coughing, sneezing, or even have visible mold call Mold Busters today to get mold testing on your property.You need to contact certified technicians to make sure you get the specialized help you need. Mold Busters are the local go-to experts for all things mold.

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Located on the east side of Halifax Harbour, Dartmouth is now a part of the greater Halifax city boundaries.  Full of gorgeous scenery of the coast and a large number of lakes, Dartmouth is sometimes called the City of Lakes. Over 50,000 people live in Dartmouth making it one of the largest communities in Nova Scotia and is home to a number of Canadian military facilities.

My son keeps sneezing in the basement, could this be caused by Mold?

There's no real way to know, unless you get testing done. Sneezing is a common symptom of allergies, mold, or other health issues.

If they're just sneezing in the basement though, that reaction is definitely indicative of a mold problem. We recommend you get mold testing and air quality testing to rule out other possibilities. Mold Busters regularly gets asked to investigate basements because they're hot spots for moisture problems and mold. It doesn't help that basements are known for having poor ventilation.

Thankfully there's quick and easy solutions if the tests come back positive. Mold removal may be required. If it's just an poor indoor air quality issue, then implementing some ventilation solutions may be the answer.

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  • I've recommended Mold Busters to my staff. After they discovered all that mold in my attic, they got me a quote and completely removed the mold. Faster and cheaper than I experted. Peter
  • I didn't think anything of the leaky windows in our home until the Mold Busters inspector showed us how much mold was building up. Thank goodness for that infrared camera Dale D.