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Mold Removal in Bedford

Damp, warm spaces are most likely to develop mold. And it can do so quickly.Within 48 hours mold can occur in houses that are overcrowded and lack appropriate heating, ventilation and insulation. As the world gets warmer with the effects of climate change weather like storms, heavy rainfall, and floods are likely to further increase the proportion of buildings with damp and mold problems. Humidity problems commonly encountered in rental houses, often due to poor maintenance. Even a small patch of visible mold can point to a much more serious problem throughout the property. Simply cleaning the surface mold is often not enough, unless you catch it very early. If you do spot mold early, use soap and water, or use a bleach solution. If the mold has been there more than a week, call a commercial mold remediation service provider like Mold Busters for the best results.

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Located on the NW side of the Bedford Basin, Bedford is a suburban community in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Families enjoy walkways through the community that go down to the waterfront and DeWolf Park. The town also has a long history. Scott Manor House is the 2nd oldest building in the Halifax region and in 1939 Bedford housed Nova Scotia's first radio station. Today the town's attraction include the Golf Links Park and the Bedford Basin Yacht Club.

If you find mold, can I get something in writing?

Absolutely. At the end of every mold inspection and air quality test, Mold Busters offers you the opportunity for an official report which can be sent to you by email. You'll get test results and we'll outline the observations from our certified inspector about any mold and mold risks they found.

Mold Busters official reports are there to provide professional recommendations, and outline the evidence which led to that recommendation. This includes any test results or observations. For air quality tests taken during the inspection, a final report will be available to you within 2 to 4 business days.

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  • So friendly, and got right to work- 10/10 for me. Gia from Halifax
  • I paid for a mold inspection and thank goodness I did. I kept coughing and sneezing in my basement, and I suspected something was up. Boy am I glad I got rid of that black mold. John Irving