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Mold Removal in Beaconsfield

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Mold Removal in Beaconsfield

Looking for reliable testing, inspection or remediation services in the Beaconsfield area?Choose Mold Busters, your local experts for indoor air quality. We offer a variety of services, from indoor air sampling and asbestos testing to complete mold inspections and removal. Talk to a certified mold expert today!

Air Quality Testing and Mold Remediation
Air Quality Testing and Mold Remediation
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Beaconsfield, Quebec

With a population of 19,505 (2011), Beaconsfield is an on-island suburb of Montreal. Even though it is located in Quebec, the majority of Beaconsfield's residents speak English. The city is surrounded by Kirkland on its north, Pointe Claire on its east and Baie-D'Urfé on its west.

Why should I choose Mold Busters over any other mold removal company in Beaconsfield?

The reason is simple. Mold Busters is dedicated to providing our customers with the fastest and most reliable services when it comes to mold and air quality. That said, our team is made up of certified mold professionals (NAMP), water restoration technicians (RSA) and thermographers (Palmer Wahl) who, for your safety, adhere strictly to IICRC guidelines and procedures.

We deliver fast and accurate test results as well as effective, long-lasting remediation services. What's more, our customer support representatives are always available to answer your questions and concerns or to go over any test results with you.

Once you've worked with Mold Busters, you'll never want to go back to another company again.


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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Mold Busters really offers a quality service for the price. I compared prices from a few different mold remediation companies and Mold Busters seemed to offer the best service for the cost.

    They removed and disinfected the contaminated area of my house and the mold hasn't returned since. I’m really glad I chose to go with Mold Busters and I’d use them again without a second thought.
    P. Shwartzman (Beaconsfield, Quebec)
  • The water main had to be turned off and I guess they opened the taps of the shower and bathtub to verify, but never closed them. After the job I met Andre and the water main was turned on, but he said we should wait two hours before going in. When we entered the bathtub was almost overflowing. He couldn't give me any estimate of how long it would take, but did manage to remove the countertop without breaking it, with my help. Chris R
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