The Truth About Black Mold

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| 2011 Feb 07 |
The Truth About Black Mold

Black mold is, without a doubt, one of the most dangerous types of mold that can be found indoors. It has been linked to severe illness, respiratory disease, and neurological damage as well as many other incapacitating conditions.

For these reasons, among many others, it is critical to educate yourself about black mold and to remove it as soon as you discover a problem.

Once black mold starts to grow, it can spread very quickly to cover entire walls, floors and ceilings.


Cleaning black mold

When it comes to black mold, don’t take any risks by trying to clean it up yourself. There are many bloggers and DIY enthusiasts out there who say that applying a mixture of bleach and water on a moldy surface will kill the mold.

However, this is not true. For one, your ability to clean the mold depends on the nature of the material that is contaminated. While hard, non-porous surfaces may be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, porous materials such as wood, fabric, carpets or drywall cannot.

These materials absorb the mold contamination deep down, so cleaning becomes much more difficult. Often, if the damage is severe, you may even be required to cut out entire sections of contaminated drywall, for example, and replace them with brand new gypsum board.

For these types of black mold problems, hiring a professional is your best and safest option. You can trust the certified experts at Mold Busters Ottawa to give you fast and effective results with long-lasting protection against future mold growth.

We can even run air quality tests after the mold remediation to make sure that the black mold has been completely eliminated from your living environment.