Mold Affecting Pets

People can experience unwanted allergies and adverse health effects if they’re exposed to mold – this might not be the […]

Posted on 15 Jun'12 by John Ward


Most Common Types of Toxic Mold Found in Homes

The term “toxic mold” and its meaning is often misunderstood. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), mold that’s […]

Posted on 08 May'12 by John Ward


Most Common Places for Household Mold

Every year, thousands of people develop severe allergies and even respiratory infections because of household mold. Some species of mold, […]

Posted on 24 Jan'12 by John Ward


Stachybotrys Chartarum: Black Mold in Homes

The real estate community is abuzz with talk about insurance and liability issues involving Stachybotrys chartarum, also known as black […]

Posted on 08 Jan'12 by John Ward


Three Types of Mold that Can Hurt You

There are several types of mold, and some are more harmful than others. Learn about the types of mold that […]

Posted on 06 Sep'11 by John Ward


Mold Contamination in Toronto High-Rise Condo

If you visit Tom and Jackie Johnson’s luxury Toronto condo, proper attire is required. You might be wondering what proper […]

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Marijuana Grow Ops and Toxic Mold

One of our readers recently wrote us, asking “My house used to be a grow op. Should I be worried […]

Posted on 30 Mar'11 by John Ward


Mold Lawsuits in Canada and the United States

With growing awareness about the health problems associated with mold in homes and buildings, more and more people are starting […]

Posted on 25 Mar'11 by John Ward