Get Mold Removal at Our New Office in Halifax!

We have officially stopped providing services in Halifax. To read more about it, please visit this link. In Halifax, so […]

Posted on 26 Apr'17 by Charlie


Get Your Home Ready for Fall with Air Quality Testing

With summer slowly coming to a close, leaving windows and doors wide open all day long for fresh, natural ventilation […]

Posted on 26 Aug'15 by Anja


Trends in Environmental Testing: Mold, Asbestos, Lead & More

If you’ve ever visited our website or read our blog, you likely already know how important good indoor air quality […]

Posted on 12 Mar'15 by Anja


Building Inspection Services: A Splurge or a Homeowner Saver?

A house is one of the biggest purchases a family will ever make. It only makes sense then that you […]

Posted on 27 Jan'15 by admin


Mold Testing vs. Air Quality Testing—What’s the Difference?

Today we’re going to clarify a common question about mold tests: What is the difference between a mold test and […]

Posted on 28 Nov'14 by Anja


Mold Testing vs. Mold Detection

If you’re trying to figure out if you have a mold problem in your home, you can choose from a […]

Posted on 02 Nov'11 by John Ward


How Mold Exposure Affects Your Health

There are many things you would not want in your home, and mold is certainly one of those things. One […]

Posted on 10 Aug'11 by John Ward


What to Do About the Rise in Ontario Marijuana Grow Ops

Marijuana grow ops can be found anywhere, from lower-end neighbourhoods to new and expensive family suburbs. In 2005, there were […]

Posted on 27 Jul'11 by John Ward


Attached Garages and Indoor Air Quality

Do you think you could rate the quality of air inside your home? You could try, but you might not […]

Posted on 03 May'11 by John Ward