Top remedies for kitchen mold (and the causes behind it)

Both bathroom and kitchen mold can develop almost overnight, especially if the property has poor insulation and chronic plumbing, ventilation, […]

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Common Myths about Mold Growth

Are you facing a mold problem? Are you looking to get rid of mold in your house, but you’re not […]

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Prevent Mold and Water Damage in Your Garage in 7 Simple Steps

Garages, both attached and detached, are usually overlooked when it comes to home maintenance. Homeowners and occupants start taking necessary […]

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How Do I Prevent Carpet Mold?

Many of us love decorating our homes with colourful carpets and rugs. Unfortunately, we often overlook the potential danger of […]

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Cleaning Mold in Your Home

What You Need to Know Before You Start to Clean Mold Before you start cleaning mold in your home, you […]

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Living With Mold In Your House

Many people are grossed out by the mere thought of household mold and understandably so; having a mold problem is […]

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Preventing Mold Damage in Your Home

Molds are fungi, and they’re a common problem in households in Ottawa and its surrounding area. While most mold is […]

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How to Use Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermal imaging detects infrared light, also known as heat. You can feel infrared light but you can’t see it. […]

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Mold Allergies: How to Prevent Exposure to Mold Spores

Regardless of how clean your home is, there’s likely mold growing somewhere inside of it. Mold can grow in your […]

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Most Common Places for Household Mold

Every year, thousands of people develop severe allergies and even respiratory infections because of household mold. Some species of mold, […]

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