Is There Mold in Your Home or Office?

Are you experiencing unusual symptoms at home? Do you find that you feel better when you’re not at home? Does […]

Posted on 22 Apr'13 by John Ward


Common Myths about Mold Growth

Are you facing a mold problem? Are you looking to get rid of mold in your house, but you’re not […]

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Warning Signs Your Home Has Mold

If you have a home, there is a good chance mold will be present at one time or another. Mold is […]

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Mold Lawsuits in Canada and the United States

With growing awareness about the health problems associated with mold in homes and buildings, more and more people are starting […]

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Mold News: Living With Mold

In today’s mold news, experts say that although some people experience no reactions while living in a home contaminated by […]

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