Get Mold Removal at Our New Office in Halifax!

We have officially stopped providing services in Halifax. To read more about it, please visit this link. In Halifax, so […]

Posted on 26 Apr'17 by Charlie


Mold Testing vs. Air Quality Testing—What’s the Difference?

Today we’re going to clarify a common question about mold tests: What is the difference between a mold test and […]

Posted on 28 Nov'14 by Anja


Importance of Air Quality Testing In New Houses

As per the standards of Part L1 of the Building Regulations 2000, which came into effect in 2006, there is a major […]

Posted on 05 Jul'12 by John Ward


Do I Need an Indoor Air Quality Test?

Many people ask about indoor air quality testing and whether or not it’s actually necessary. The answer is complicated, because […]

Posted on 18 Nov'11 by John Ward


Attached Garages and Indoor Air Quality

Do you think you could rate the quality of air inside your home? You could try, but you might not […]

Posted on 03 May'11 by John Ward


Mold in Office Buildings: Sick Building Syndrome

The average Canadian worker spends approximately 40 hours a week in his or her office, which is a significant amount […]

Posted on 26 Apr'11 by John Ward


The Difference Between Mold and Mildew

You’ll often hear mold and mildew discussed together. Do you ever wonder why this is the case? The simple answer […]

Posted on 22 Apr'11 by John Ward